PHOTOS: Traveling Tidepools Entertain Families at Framingham Library

FRAMINGHAM- New England Aquarium Traveling Tidepools visited the main Framingham Public Library on Wednesday, July 31.

The Aquarium brought spider crabs, hermit crabs, starfish, periwinkles, sea urchins, and a bat sea star. This was a great opportunity for children to learn how to treat animals that they can find right here at our local beaches.

They split the children into groups where they worked together to figure out what the habitat for each animal would be.

The children got to work with other kids using problem-solving skills and they even got to touch the animals.

The New England Aquarium Traveling Tidepool Program hopes that by doing events like this one people will gain a deeper appreciation and respect for the animals at the beach.

They also hope that both children and adults receive knowledge from these events that they can teach others.

At the local ponds and beaches this weekend, families were encouraged to go out and find snails, tadpoles, frogs, hermit crabs, muscles, a sea star if lucky, and maybe even the occasional spider crab.


Photos and report by SOURCE intern Kaylie Valente

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