UPDATED: Framingham City Seal Committee Hopes to Present 2 Options To City Council in Fall 2019

FRAMINGHAM – On January 1, 2018, Framingham became the Commonwealth’s newest City.

One change that has yet to happen in the first 18 months of the City, is the adoption of a new seal.

UPDATED: Framingham City Council appointed a city of Framingham Seal Development Committee in 2018. That committee has the task of presenting two seals that must be approved by the 11 elected members of the Framingham City Council.

The mission of the Framingham City Seal Development Committee is to create a new city seal that represents the essence of Framingham.

Framingham City Clerk Lisa Ferguson said the Seal Development Committee is still in the process of choosing the two seals.

The Committee, which meets tonight, is “narrowing it down, but there’s a lot of alterations on the design” to be completed.

The process started with 24 design options and has since been shortened, but Ferguson wants “to make sure that it’s exactly what the community is looking for” before presenting to the Framingham City Council.

It is not an easy decision to make, as it will impact the whole community, so it is important the Committee takes its time and analyzes what will be most beneficial to the city and its people. 

Ferguson explains a brief overview of what the picking process is like: “We follow the Charter and we are charged with presenting a seal to the City Council.”

Ferguson said the process “began over a year ago and we had to look for a professional designer to design the seals and we’ve been working with the designer since April of this year.”

This designer also needs some time to “work with what [they] discuss each week” so it is a lengthy process. 

According to Ferguson, the goal is to present to the 11-member City Council in October or November of this year.  

Seven of the 11-member elected to the first-ever Framingham City Council have chosen not to seek re-election.

An election to elect a new 11-member City Council will be held in November.

The current Framingham seal includes the following features: a circular seal with ‘Town of Framingham’ around the top and ‘Incorporated 1700’ around the bottom. The center contains a shield with the words ‘Danforth Farm 1662’ and a wheel representing industry. Above the shield is a view of Framingham State May Hall and around the bottom are sheaves of wheat representing agriculture. Around the outside of the seal is a braid representing the bonnets made in Framingham.

Members of the Seal Development Committee include City Clerk Ferguson, City Historian Fred Wallace, designer Rob Levine, Joel Winett, City of Framingham human resources employee Renan Pinheiro, School Committee member Richard Finlay and Allison Guzman.

The next meeting of the Committee is tonight, July 22, at 6 in the Memorial Building.


Photos are of some, not all, of the seal designs being considered.

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