UPDATED: 900 Eversource Ashland & Framingham Customers Experiencing Frequent Outages

FRAMINGHAM – About 900 Eversource customers have been experiencing frequent outages in Ashland and in Framingham, near Routes 135 and 126, for the last three days.

“Eversource is aware of the issue,” said Media Relations Manager Reid Lamberty.

The issue is both in Ashland and in Framingham. Most of the customers having problems live near Route 126 and Route 135, near the line between the two communities.

“It has been happening over three days. We have been patrolling the area, but have not found the problem,” he said.

Lamberty said Eversource is back out today, July 12, looking for the cause.

“We continue to patrol the area,” said the Eversource spokesperson.

“We are leaning towards a tree limb hitting a main line,” he said.

The issue is not brownouts.

A brownout is an intentional or unintentional drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system.

Intentional brownouts are used for load reduction in an emergency.

The reduction lasts for minutes or hours

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