SLIDESHOW: Amazing Animal Ambassadors Entertain Families At Christa McAuliffe Library

FRAMINGHAM – Amazing Animal Ambassadors entertained families at the Christa McAuliffe Library branch today, July 9.

Amazing Animal Ambassadors is an organization whose headquarters is located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The organization travels all over New England with animals they have rescued or taken in.

The animals then become educators for camps, schools, libraries, and resorts. They describe themselves as a zoo that comes to you.

Their goal by presenting these exotic animals to the public is that everyone learns a little something about the animals that they bring and gain deeper awareness for all animals.

“Our hope is they gain better appreciation for animals that live all over the world, especially ones that might even be in our own backyards,” says Bethany Jakubson, owner and general care taker at Amazing Animal Ambassadors.

When visiting today, they introduced various species of animals. Some of which including a Fennix Fox, an African Bull Frog, a Great Horned Owl, an African Pygmy Hedgehog, and an American Alligator.

Many of the children favored the African Pygmy Hedgehog, Bailey, due to it’s flexible abilities and shiny “spikes”.

There was also exhibits at the front of the room for the children to walk up and see such as the Leopard Gecko, an Eastern Painted Turtle, a Pueblan Milk Snake, a “Chubby” Frog, and the Blue Death Feigning Beetle.

The children got to enjoy petting some of the animals and learning a lot of new facts about all of the exotic species.

The experience was also very inclusive to both the adults and the children, who got to ask questions at any point during the show.


Photos and report by SOURCE intern Kaylie Valente, a Framingham High student.

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