Mayor Spicer Promotes Lukis to Framingham DPW Deputy Director

FRAMINGHAM – Before the start of the water and sewer rate hike meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Yvonne Spicer announced that Blake Lukis is the new deputy director of Framingham Public Works.

He replaces Paul Barden, who announced his retirement, earlier this year.

Lukis was the City’s Water and Wastewater Director.

The deputy director of public works earns between $103,000 and $118,933 per year. It is unknown at this time what is his exact salary.

It is unknown how many applicants there were for the position. The City has not issued a statement on the hiring.

The deputy director “performs administrative, supervisory, and technical work related to all department activities. Assists the Director in the administrative and operational functions of the Department and the technical management of the planning, design, construction and maintenance of a major division of the City including the public infrastructure, wastewater collection, water supply and distribution system, surface and subsurface storm water collection system, the Department’s public facilities, the transportation and bridge systems and the City’s conservation land and open spaces,” according to the job description that was posted in March.

Barden was not only the deputy director of DPW, but he also served as chair of the Framingham Traffic Commission, since November 2018.

Lucas has been with the City of Framingham since April 2014, when he was hired as the Water & Wastewater Director.

Prior to that, he worked for the Aquarion Water Company from October 2013 to April 2014.

Perform that he worked for the Town of Wellesley as the assistant water & sewer superintendent for 8 months. Lukis was the water & sewer engineer for the Town of Wellesley for almost 6 years between 2007 and 2012.

The deputy director, according to the job description, also:

Develops and implements plans for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, cleaning and repair of the city’s critical infrastructure relating to roadway, sidewalk, traffic systems, water and sewer utilities, motor vehicle equipment and storm drainage systems. This includes pavement management programs, snow and ice control programs, management of public shade and ornamental trees, the management of solid Waste programs and the Department’s response to storm related emergencies.

Optimizes the use of resources to maintain the City’s Public rights of way (ROW) in a state of good repair and open to the public for the safe passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The responsibilities include the development of plans for the rehabilitation of sidewalks and roadways for the future application of Federal, State and City funds.

Oversees the construction and maintenance of storm drainage systems including the annual cleaning of catch basins, and underground conduits, culverts, ditches and streams.

Establishes priorities, reviews plans for reconstruction of the public infrastructure, plans for its timely repair to minimize the risk of failure, reviews plans, and makes final determinations relative to the expansion of retraction of the existing systems.

Responsible for the management of the Public Utility infrastructure of the City consisting of a water distribution system and a wastewater collection system. The water system includes more than 250 miles of pipeline, five water tank reservoirs containing nine million gallons of drinking water, and seven pumping and booster stations. The wastewater collection includes 240 miles of pipeline and force mains and 51 sewer-pumping stations.

Budgets financial resources and recruits the human resources required to execute the various seasonal work plans by program in order to enable the effective operations of the Department within the abbreviated construction season of the geographic region. This includes the effective application and coordination of personnel, equipment, contractors and supplies. Plans the procurement and disbursement of materials and supplies necessary for the operation of the department and reviews the maintenance of records pursuant to their use and application.

Participates in the negotiation of union contracts with bargaining units associated with the Department’s workforce.

Coordinates the maintenance and construction activities with other divisions, City departments, contractors, consultants, state and federal agencies and the public.

Assists in the development, preparation and presentation of the Department’s annual operating and capital budgets for review by the Chief Financial Officer, the city Manager, City Officials and City Boards. Develops and monitors the procedures and the administrative systems to ensure the effective budgetary management of the program. Manages the procurement of all contracted services for capital construction as well as for material, tools and automotive equipment.

Develops and periodically revises the Department’s planned operational response to emergency storm events such as snow and ice storms, hurricanes and flooding.

Monitors the operation of the Department including the planning, coordinating, directing, inspecting, reviewing and reporting on the work of subordinates and contractors engaged in the performance of Department functions. Completes the performance evaluations of employees.

Oversees the management of the Storm water Infrastructure and plans for its improvement in accordance with Federal EPA and Massachusetts DEP requirements.

Oversees the operation of the City’s Fleet Management Program and the acquisition of capital outlay equipment used in the provision of the City’s Public Services.

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