PHOTOS: The Force Was Strong at the Framingham Public Library

FRAMINGHAM – Today, July 6, the Framingham Public Library hosted a Star Wars-themed event. The event coincided with A Universe of Stories, the library’s space-themed summer reading program.

Many parents were excited to be at the event because Star Wars is something that both they and their kids can enjoy.

“It was the first movie that I saw in the theater,” said Jessica McGetrick, a parent who attended the event. “I or my son can’t imagine a world without it.”

Earlier in the day, the festivities included sign-ups for summer reading, coloring stations, and a functioning R2-D2 robot.

Costumed members of the Star Wars Fan cosplay club, the 501st Legion, also appeared to take photos with guests.

The main event of the day was the Star Wars symposium and museum, led by longtime fan Peter Struzziero.

After giving a brief overview of the Star Wars movies, and showing some funny YouTube videos, parents and kids participated in a game where they had to identify certain characters from the films.

Many kids were actively involved in the game, shouting out the answers, with their parents contributing as well.

Guests also got to watch the trailer for the 12th theatrical film, The Rise of Skywalker, which comes out on December 20.

When Struzziero finished his presentation, participants took a snack break, as well as looked at Struzziero’s impressive collection of Star Wars memorabilia, before a screening of A New Hope.

Struzziero also had an additional trivia game that guests could play if they wanted to.

Library staff believe that having these kinds of events are important, because it encourages kids to read more, and it helps the library engage with the community.

“It brings people into the library,” said young adult librarian John Garrigan.

Star Wars means a lot to people like Struzziero, as it is an imaginative film series that lets people dream, explore, and escape from reality. It also has a timeless story that is prevalent in many other books, which might make people want to read more.

The summer reading program is open to all, including adults. You can sign up for it here and find additional information at


Photos by Nick Barry, a SOURCE intern, who is also a student at Westfield State University.

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