Framingham Businesses Support Detail Coming To Burkis Square July 15

Burkis Square (Hollis/Irving streets intersection south of Route 135)

FRAMINGHAM – Downtown Framingham, Inc. announced today, July 3, that a business-supported detail will service Burkis Square’s 40 businesses starting Monday, July 15.

Following the proven blockbyblock model, the detail will work inside businesses to greet customers, hand out shopping maps, provide parking directions, accompany clients to their vehicles, and make phone calls to the City.

The detail will operate Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m. for at least three weeks.

One liaison will speak Portuguese, and this team will collaborate closely with local authorities to help deliver the best possible shopping experience for this burgeoning area.

In Burkis Square, 39 of the roughly 40 businesses are owned or managed by people of color; 20 of these small businesses are run by women.

The “Burkis Square Believers” initiative has been funded by many small businesses, elected leaders, and local residents.

Downtown Framingham, Inc. is partnering with the top-tier New England Security Protective Services Agency, which has a proven track record of supporting downtown Business Improvement Districts across the Commonwealth.

If you’d like to support this initiative, please donate here.

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