SLIDESHOW: Natick’s 64th Annual Children’s Parade

NATICK – The 64th Annual Natick Children’s Parade was held at the Natick Common on Monday night, July 1.

Twice the amount of people showed up this year than last year.

“It just goes to show that Natick really loves to have their parade,” Johnna Huling, MC of the Natick’s Children’s Parade.

Local families say that the Children’s Parade is an event that gets the kids outside and connected to their community.

The parade is a way for children to experience being in a parade that wouldn’t be able to experience a parade other wise.

Natick Recreation & Parks Department also held its first concert of the Common Series for the summer, later that night.

The Children’s Parade always tries to have the parade take place on the same day as the departments first concert.

The children had fun with the other children in the town while also getting to enjoy good music and entertainment.

The annual Natick 4th of July parade will be held on Thursday morning.


Photos and report by SOURCE Intern Kaylie Valente.


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