Op-Ed: Citizen Proposes City With A Heart Framingham Seal

Editor’s Note: The Mayor appointed a City of Framingham seal committee, which is working on presenting two seals to the 11-member City Council to approve.


FRAMINGHAM – The idea and graphic strategy is to keep the traditional design structure and infuse elements that more closely define the character and achievements of the community since the seal’s original inception.

Framingham has a rich history to its name, the merits of which should not be forgotten or lessened.

New design elements:

The “Town of Framingham” has been replaced by “Framingham.” There is no necessity to replace “Town of Framingham” with “City of Framingham”. First, the 2018 change to a City is represented by the subline, and the “Town”/”City” official dates have been incorporated to the right and left.

The type size of “Framingham” has been increased and is more visible because of the change in kerning and the additional white space. Additionally, the primary line of “Framingham” could be more acceptable to those who were in favor of keeping the “Town” moniker.

The center circle that incorporated railroad tracks signified Framingham being a railroad ‘Hub’ many years ago. The significance, however, has waned, I believe. The center of a seal/log, for the most part, is the focal point. This new seal’s center graphic incorporates a more significant set of symbols, highlighting Framingham’s achievements and current fabric.

The Heart symbol represents two concepts. One being the success and notoriety of the Framingham Heart Study, which had its inception in 1948. Known by the medical community world-wide, the Framingham Heart Study was recently awarded a 38 million-dollar grant, which will extend the program for years. The Heart also represents love and caring. Framingham is a community as diverse as they come, intent on recognizing and celebrating the multi-cultural greatness of its people.

This brings us to the flags, placed inside the heart. Framingham is made up of people whose origins span a multitude of nations. It would be a mistake to include just the United States, Brazilian, and Puerto Rico flags, for example, because it would under-represent the true diverse nature of our multi-cultural community. The five flags, with no nomenclature, tells the story that we are a people of many nations.

The “Danforth’s Farms 1662” type line has been lowered from the original, as it seemed to imply that the structure above was Danforth’s Farms. It is actually the “State Normal School,” a building now owned and operated by Framingham State University. Further thought should be made as to somehow designating this building’s identifying name.

Finally, the tagline and subtitle, “The City With A Heart.” Along with the Framingham Heart Study, there are people currently working on a landmark city-wide initiative that deals with CPR and AED education.
And, as mentioned, the people of Framingham are of a welcoming, endearing, generous, and loving community. What a better way to represent those sentiments, by “Framingham – The City With a

Rick McKenna


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