LETTER: Family Over Politics Says Ellinwood

FRAMINGHAM – Around this time in 2017, I announced an ambitious campaign to run to be the first city councilor of District 6.

Not having a valuable lifelong upbringing in Framingham or integral ties within the community yet, as my fellow candidates did, I knew it would be an uphill climb to not only earn your trust, but your vote as well.

As the campaign progressed, I met with many hundreds of residents at their homes and I was inspired by the possibility of what Framingham could become.

My focus was to lead with a rational, sustainable, and caring approach to government, combined with a background in financial management to carefully utilize your hard earned tax dollars.

As the calendar flipped from June to July and August, my inaugural campaign picked up speed. More and more doors opened and deep conversations were had, not only with those who were undecided, but also with those having long-standing ties with another candidate. This even
included many people who already had some of the hundreds of competing campaign signs adorning their front lawns (which by the way, inspired the hottest “trend” in 2017 – yard sign bingo).

Entering September, my second child, instead of being born just after the primary election,decided he wanted to bring his joy to the world two weeks early. Just like all of you who continuously balance family, work, and other commitments, I had to continue to step up my game. Nap times those final days increasingly became campaign times.

After the primary was over though, it was not meant to be for me. While I did not continue on to the November election, I did earn the trust of almost 200 voters. Coming from essentially nothing, I believe that this was the result of a solid vision for Framingham’s future, hard work, and dedication.

Knowing how much hard work and dedication goes into running for office, I recognize it is a large commitment to just campaign. Then, if elected, the pledge to successfully and diligently serve Framingham is even larger. With such a young family that brings me much joy, I want to make sure I continue to stay as dedicated as possible to them over the next few years, in order to provide my young children with the best opportunity to succeed in their earliest years. If I were to split my time between family and service to our great city, I would not be able to accomplish both successfully at this time.

As a result, I am forgoing a run for city council during this election cycle. As my kids grow older, I look forward to once again running for the chance to earn your trust and to dutifully serve the residents of District 6 in the near future. Until then, I will continue to grow, become more involved, and keep the residents of my district, as well as all of Framingham in mind. I hope that you keep my family in mind as well.

Scott Ellinwood

District 6


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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