SLIDESHOW: Vintage Cars Highlight Starts of Natick Nights 2019

NATICK – Natick Nights kicked off on June 6, with Vintage Night at the Natick Center Cultural District.

Every Thursday through July 25, Natick will have a themed night that could include entertainment anywhere from street performers to beer and wine tasting. Last nights Vintage Night included a line up of vintage cars that could be looked at up close and talked about by the owners.

The cars were observed by people of all ages. When asked why vintage cars bring such an attraction in this day and age, many of the owners had a similar answer: they take you back in time.

Craig Harrington, owner of a 1966 Mustang convertible and president of the Modifiers Club, explained, “It brings [people] back in time of when they were kids and they say ‘my dad had a car like that.’” The cars are not only nice to look at, but also bring a nostalgic feeling to those who grew up with them.

Jerry Hall, owner of a 1964 Mustang, appreciates the simplicity of vintage cars. He says that his car is “a simple car to work on.”

Paul Battaglia, owner Chevelle Super Sport, agrees that cars today have an overwhelming amount of gadgets. He likes the interior as well as the exterior of older cars: “Most all these cars are made of solid metal. They have hardly any plastic on them at all. These cars here are sports cars for speed.” Their slick appearance is something that many people today recognize when driving around.

There is a uniqueness that these cars bring that set them apart from cars today. When driving around, it is fairly easy to spot which cars are from this decade and which are not. John Nemezky, owner of a 1951 Mercury Sedan, describes how “there’s nothing like driving a vintage car around and having people wave at you, people toot at you[…]you feel like you’re some celebrity.” Nemezky was definitely living like a celebrity last night as people came up to talk to him and take pictures with his car.  

June 6 kicked off Natick Night.

Now every Thursday through July 25 (with the exception of July 4th) from 5to 8 p.m. there will be entertainment for the whole family.

There is a new theme each week and the schedule is as follows:

June 6th – Vintage Night

June 13th – Kids Night

June 20th – BlingQuest

June 27th – Healing Arts Night

July 4th – 4th of July Parade, no Natick Nights

July 11th – Craft Brew Night

July 18th – ArtWalk

July 25th – Christmas in July


Photos, video, & Report by SOURCE Intern Chad Douty

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