Shepard Announces Re-Election For District 7 City Councilor

As per the SOURCE election policy, the following is an election announcement by Margareth Shepard. It is published as received. Unless there is a need for a primary, the election will be held in November 2019.


FRAMINGHAM – I am pleased to announce my candidacy for re-election to the District 7 seat on the Framingham City Council.

Becoming the first Brazilian-American woman elected as a City Councilor in the USA has been an incredible journey.

I’m proud of my achievements during my first term, which include:

● Completion of a comprehensive study of Warren Street traffic flow leading to installation of four-way stop signs at the intersection of Warren, Prindiville, Dennison, and Shawmut Streets
● Chairing the Task Force to write a Framingham Welcoming Immigrants Ordinance (unanimously approved by City Council)
● Collaboration with city departments leading to solving overcrowded on-street parking on Arthur Street
● Approval of the first Framingham Youth City Council
● Active support in approving the construction of the new Fuller School Middle School

My ongoing projects are:
● Approval of a director position for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
● Making an Irving Street Park a reality
● Creation of an off-street handicapped parking space at the Grant and Howard street intersection
● Advocating for a program to maintain and repair crumbling District 7 sidewalks
● Joining other south side City Councilors in opposing the Zoning Board of Appeals decision to permit a tow yard operation on Leland Street

My priorities for the next few months and years will be:

● Completing our transition to a city form of government, and working respectfully with the Mayor, City Councilors, and School Committee. Each of us has a job to do and it is our duty as elected officials to work collaboratively for the best interests of Framingham residents.

● Continuing to be a bridge between residents and the city administration. One of the responsibilities of a City Councilor is working with the various boards and commissions to find solutions for major issues such as traffic, zoning and affordable housing. I will also continue to assist residents in navigating the services offered by our city, which can be confusing, such as the home renovation/building permitting process, the use of public spaces such as Nevis Hall and public library meeting rooms.

● Promoting fiscal responsibility. I recognize that small businesses, working families, and seniors are struggling to keep up with constant increases in property taxes. The School and City budgets must take all residents’ financial situations into consideration.

● Increasing resident participation and community representation. I want to guarantee that our government will work for everyone’s benefit. Filling the Diversity and Inclusion Officer position will open doors in this direction.

● Fighting for social and environmental justice, leading toward higher quality of life for South Framingham residents. I will also act and advocate against any proposals that could further damage traffic conditions and air quality.

I humbly ask District 7 residents for your vote in the next primary election on September 17, 2019, and I invite everyone to volunteer and support me in accomplishing these goals.

Margareth Shepard can be reached at 508-922-7358 or

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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