UPDATED: City Council Appoints First-Ever Framingham Youth Council

FRAMINGHAM – In January, 17-year old Framingham High senior Isabella Petroni came before the City Council with an ordinance she had research and written.

The ordinance proposed a Framingham Youth Council, that would reflect the social-economic and diversity of the city’s districts.

Petroni said the City’s youth, ages 13-22, should have a say in their government.

Petroni’s vision for a Youth Council would include a member from every district plus at large members appointed by the City Council and the Mayor.

Weeks later, with some vetting and tweaking, the City Council unanimously approved the ordinance. And then the Mayor held a public ceremony, with Petroni, to sign the ordinance into law.

Tuesday night, the 11-member City Council voted to approve the 13 members of the first-ever City of Framingham Youth Council.

District members will serve a 1-year term. At-large members will serve a 2-year term.

They include:

District 1 Jordan Summerfield

District 2 Alana Gordon

District 3 Mira Donaldson

District 4 Ashwina Bangari

District 5 Hamza Rifki

District 6 Alison Jones

District 7 Neha Senthil

District 8 Ruby Martinez

District 9 Julian Orellana-Vega

Cheryl Tully Stoll’s At-Large appointment Isabella Petroni (District 8)

George King’s At-Large appointment Chloe Mills (District 5).

Mayor Spicer’s two appointments are Avi Padayachee (District 1) and Gabryela Soares Mota (District 9)

Editor’s note: In full transparency, Petroni is my daughter.

(From left) District 8 City Councilor Judy Grove, Isabella Petroni, District 7 City Councilor Margareth Shepard and at-large City Councilor Cheryl Tully Stoll discussing Petroni’s ordinance for a youth council.

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