PHOTOS: Keefe Tech Class of 2019 Celebrates Graduation

FRAMINGHAM- Today, June 1, 148 seniors at Keefe Technical School in Framingham celebrated their graduation. The ceremony took place at 11 a.m. in the school’s gymnasium.

The ceremony began with a welcoming from senior class president, Elsi Sofia Meija.

“Congratulations to my class of 2019,” she said. “We can finally say we did it.”

After the welcoming, School Superintendent Jonathan Evans made a few brief remarks to the class.

He first gave recognition to the teachers, as well as the people and family in the student’s lives.

In his address to the graduates, Evans congratulated them on their achievements, as well as emphasized willing to be open to learning new things.

“As we send you off into the world, we do so with pride and confidence that you are ready for what lies ahead,” he told them.

Following a brief congratulatory message from the school’s committee chair Ed Burman, the salutatorian and National Honor Society President, Max Foster, and the valedictorian, Daniel Quackenbush, spoke to their classmates.

Foster told his classmates to look how far they have come, and take pride in what they have achieved.

“If you take anything from this speech today, it’s that you couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of yourself,” he said, trying to hold back tears. “These experiences that you have had at Keefe Tech will help you now and in your lives to come.”

In his speech, Quackenbush said that the thing that sets Keefe Tech students apart from others is that they chose their own destiny, even if it means not getting a traditional education.

“While plans, passions, and people change, that kind of personal insight into your own needs is rare in eighth grade, and having the courage to act on it is impressive,” he said. Mr. Quackenbush also encouraged his classmates to hold on to that same independent attitude once they start their career. “Don’t miss all of the opportunities that are around you. See them and seize them” he told his classmates proudly.

The ceremony concluded with the graduates walking down the aisle, and receiving their diplomas, with much cheering and applause from their friends, family members, and fellow classmates.

After they exited the gymnasium, they took the opportunity to take photos with their families outside the school’s main entrance.

Keefe Tech is a four-year vocational school for grades 9-12. According to the school’s website, it’s main mission is to “prepare students for both employment and continuing academic and occupational education,” as well as “foster student self-esteem, self-respect, and social awareness.”

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