VIDEO: Keefe Tech’s 2019 Senior Awards Night

FRAMINGHAM — Last night, May 29, Keefe Technical High School recognized the achievements of members of this year’s senior class at the 2019 Senior Awards and Scholarships ceremony.

The ceremony was led by Principal Shannon Snow and the awards/scholarships were presented by the faculty that handpicked the recipients.

There were numerous different awards to hand out, including ones from each academic department. Others included the student athlete, principal, senior CTE, career and technical leadership, and Keefe Technical education association awards. Some students even took home awards from multiple categories.

Scholarships were also handed out last night to a few of the upcoming graduates.

Two of the scholarships were in memory of Keefe Technical High School Employees who have passed away. Daniel Quackenbush received the Barry Jewer Memorial Scholarship and Luis Martinez received the Jason Pierangeli Memorial Scholarship.

A handful of other scholarship, thanks to generous donations, were given out as well.

The full list of recipients can be seen below.

Principal’s Award

Daniel Steven Quackenbush

Student Athlete Award

Miguel Angel Perez

Career and Technical Leadership Award

Juan Carlos Alfaro Ramos

Academic Awards

English: Juliet Ruth Jacobs

English Language Learners: Maria De Lourdes Davila Guerra

Mathematics: Laendra Mendes Magalhaes

Physical Education: Miguel Angel Perez

Science: Juliet Ruth Jacobs

Social Studies: Max Foster

Spanish: Cameron Daley Thebaud

Stem Academy: Spencer Patrick Vernes

Senior CTE Awards

Automotive Technology: Cody James Anderson

Business Technology: Laendra Mendes Magalhaes

Carpentry: Tyler Raymond Jewell

Cosmetology: Sophia Ellen Swann

Culinary Arts: Maria De Lourdes Davila Guerra

Design & Visual Communications: Max Foster

Early Childhood Education: Kaitlyn Mary Sok

Electrical: Geoffrey Robert Fitts

Graphic Communications: Mckenzie Faith Tufford

Health Careers: Anderlande Kelly Gelin

Horticulture & Landscape Design: Samuel James St. George

Information Systems: Dylan Cole Beckerman

Metals Technology: Spencer Patrick Forde

Plumbing: Stephen Patrick Forde

Programming & Web Design: Daniel Steven Quackenbush

Keefe Technical Education Association Awards

Academic Excellence

Nicole Dunajski

Nahielly Fabiola Ramirez Chaves

Laendra Mendes Magalhaes

Kailyn Mary Sok

Spencer Patrick Vernes

Career and Technical Excellence

Dylan Cole Beckerman

Christian Ariel Espana

Yefri Alexander Candelario Soto

John Michael Quintin

Samuel James St. George

Tools of the Trade

Harrison Macdonald

The Barry Jewer Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Steven Quackenbush

The Jason Pierangeli Memorial Scholarship

Luis Roberto Martinez


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