Walsh Defeats Cameron and Fuller at Middle School Track Meet

FRAMINGHAM – Walsh Middle School defeated both Cameron Middle and Fuller Middle school in a middle school half-mile competition on Saturday, May 11.

Cameron Middle defeated Fuller Middle on Saturday.

Here are the results of the short course half-mile event:

First place – Ashley Coteau, 8th grader at Walsh at 4:36 minutes

2nd: Jay LaFortune, 7th grader at Walsh at 4:39 minutes

3rd:  Devin Cox, Walsh student at 5:34 minutes.

4th:  Matt Vilela, Walsh 7th grader at 5:40 minutes

5th:  Matthias Cunningham, watch student at 5:56 minutes

6th:  Kaio Pereira, Cameron stdent at 6:20 minutes

7th:  Zach Mullen, cameron 6th grader at 6:34 minutes

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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