Alvarez Announces Candidacy For Framingham District 8 Councilor

As per the SOURCE election policy, the following is an election announcement by Mario Alvarez. It is published as received. Unless there is a need for a primary, the election will be held in November 2019.


I would like to announce my candidacy for City Council representing District 8.

I have been a Framingham Resident for over 30 years, I planted roots in Framingham and have put all of my children not only through the school system in Framingham, but even now two of my three children still attend Framingham State; I have seen Framingham change through the years, but one thing seems to stay constant, our area seems to have little representation.

We have a very mixed range of neighbors whose concerns are very similar:

1) Our elders have concerns, from their living costs which raises questions like “why do we keep paying more in taxes?” to safety concerns with the amount of homelessness near their homes.

2) Our business owners have similar concerns but we are not known to be business friendly, we sometimes make it hard for a business to not only stay in business, but sometimes we make it hard to stay in the city at all.

3) We have a strong multi-racial, multi-language-speaking community and I would be proud to represent my Spanish speaking neighbors who will now have a voice in their language to bring their concerns to the city, and the answers back to them in their language.

4) All of our neighbors have the concern of traffic, while most of the problem happens downtown, many use our neighborhoods as cut-through streets to get away from the gridlock.

With my years of business and management experience, I think I could be an asset to the Council. I think with my professional ties to the non-profits in the area whom so many blame for some of the issues, some resolution can be worked out with them to help us with some of these issues, especially with the vagrancy problem that not only affects our downtown area, but the neighborhoods. We need to work with our police dept. and most importantly, we need to work with our executive branch.

I believe that with the way our form of government was adopted by our charter bridging this gap will be of the utmost importance to get things done and I hope to be part of those conversations.

I will always listen to my neighbors concerns on key and at times controversial issues, I am here for all my neighbors; (Estoy aqui para mis vecinos). I can be reached via phone (508) 319-1692 (Llámame), via
email at , or facebook

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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