UPDATED: City of Framingham: Who Has Pulled and Submitted Nomination Papers in 2019?

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FRAMINGHAM – Who is running for office in the second City of Framingham elections in 2019?

Nomination papers were made available for all races as of Wednesday, May 1.


At-Large City Council

Individuals running for an at-large city council seat must collect 150 signatures of registered voters, and at least 10 signatures from each of the 9 districts.

Voters will elect 2 candidates to serve a 4-year term in November.

If there are five candidates, then a primary election will be held in September to narrow the field to four candidates.

Individuals who have pulled nomination papers:

  • Incumbent George P. King – City Clerk has certified his signatures to be on the ballot.
District City Council

The entire 11-member City Council will be elected in November.

As of May 1, City Council Chair Dennis Giombetti, at-large City Councilor Cheryl Tully Stoll, District 1 City Councilor Charlie Sisitsky, District 2 City Councilor Pam Richardson, District 6 City Councilor Mike Rossi, District 8 City Councilor Judy Grove, and District 9 City Councilor Edgardo Torres have told SOURCE they will not run for re-election.

Individuals running for district councilor must collect 50 signatures from registered voters all from their own district.

The following individuals have pulled nomination papers.

Framingham School Committee

The entire 9-member School Committee will be elected in November 2019.

As of May 1, District 2 School Committee member Ricky Finlay said he will vacate his School seat and run for City Councilor. School Committee members Noval Alexander, Tracey Bryant and Gloria Pascual are also now running for City Council seats.

Individuals running for school committee must collect 50 signatures from registered voters all from their own district.

The following individuals have pulled nomination papers:

  • District 1 (Precincts 1 & 2): Incumbent Beverly Hugo (signatures certified)
  • District 2 ( 3 & 5): Karen Foran Dempsey (signatures certified)
  • District 3 (4 & 7): Leslie Smart (signatures certified) and Incumbent Scott Wadland (signatures certified)
  • District 4 (6 & 9): Incumbent Adam Freudberg (signatures certified)
  • District 5 ( 8 & 12) Former mayoral candidate Priscila Sousa (signatures certified)
  • District 6 (10 & 11): Incumbent Geoffrey Epstein (signatures certified)
  • District 7 (13 & 14): Incumbent Tiffanie Maskell (signatures certified)
  • District 8 (15 & 18): Jessica Barnhill (signatures certified), Jim Wade Hansen (signatures certified), and Leslie White Harvey (signatures certified).
  • District 9 (16 & 17): Richard Baritz (signatures certified) and William LaBarge (signatures certified)

Library Trustee – There are 6 open seats.

Incumbent Robert Dodd (certified)

Annabel Dodd (certified)

Incumbent Eric Doherty (certified)

Incumbent Janet Harrington (certified)

Incumbent Nancy Coville Wallace (certified)

Incumbent William E. Wray (certified)

Cemetery Trustee

Incumbent Susan Silva (certified)

Joyce Hurley (did not return papers)

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