LETTER: Mayor Spicer’s ‘Budget Proposal is a Slap in the Face to the Hard Work Our Educators Do Every Day’

FRAMINGHAM – Today the Mayor, although a former teacher, released her budget number for the school department with only a 3.1% increase from the FY19 budget despite the reduced number the superintendent forwarded, 5.66% increase over FY19.

It was also despite a reviewed and slimmed down budget proposal from Mr. Lynch, a 3.63% increase over FY19. Mr Lynch also detailed how he got to this figure, which could put the district in a potentially risky and difficult situation financially.

School Committee members eventually settled on supporting a 4.57% over FY19.

This would provide for some of what schools and the district leadership had asked for. However, even this reduction who have eliminated some important initiatives and expansion of programs and services for our students.

The Mayor’s budget proposal is a slap in the face to the hard work our educators do every day. Not only will it not provide what our schools need to be successful, it will TAKE!

Necessary positions will not be added; in fact, it will more than likely mean the reduction of positions.

A couple of weeks ago, a group of parents were here to advocate for a full time drama teacher at Fuller – this won’t happen, my friends, with the Mayor’s proposed budget.

Time is not our friend now; good teachers who could be cut will begin to look elsewhere for jobs. Framingham trained them and other districts will benefit from the preparation we provided.

This budget needs to be review and improved now!

Mayor Spicer, we appeal to you to reconsider and return the budget to the number is should be; one that the schools can provide the high quality instruction and implementation of programs to support our students needs and to support the fine educators that work hard each day to provide a positive learning environment.

Framingham Teachers Association

Editor’s Note: This was read at tonight’s School Committee meeting by FTA President Christine Mulroney. It was later submitted to SOURCE as a letter.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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