PHOTOS: Gala Raises More Than $6,000 For Discovering Hidden Gems

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FRAMINGHAM – Gloria Pascual, Vice Chair to the Framingham School Committee hosted the 1st Annual Gala for Education in Framingham! Saturday April 13th 2019 at 8pm at The Framingham Eagles 55 Park St. Framingham MA 01702.

This year Ms. Pascual has chosen to support our local nonprofit oganization Discovering Hidden Gems!

With over hundreds of guest of all ages joined together to celebrate the youth in Metro West!

We were honored to have the the presence of the Honorable Mayor Spicer who came to support the youth of Framingham. The Gala highlighted our
youth in the community from our very own Master of Ceremony Framingham High School’s Black Student Union President Mira Donaldson.

To a live performance from Framingham High Senior Anna Leite singing
Scars to your beautiful By Alessia Cara and a live lyrical performance from LG Lyrical Genius.

Thank you to our local Framingham Community Access TV for covering the Gala, to Jesús Ruelas García, Spanish and English double major undergraduate student at Framingham and 35mm film photographer, to Mitchell Leonard, English major undergraduate student at Framingham state university and amateur photographer. We are all extremely thankful for all our volunteers who made this event an amazing success!

We were also so fortunate to have a live performance by Eli Pabon from Metamovements Latin Dance Company of Bomba a traditional Puerto Rican drum consisting of a barrel with a goatskin head. A genre of Puerto Rican dance accompanied by drums and other percussion. Bomba is both a traditional dance and musical style of Puerto Rico.

Its origins are rooted in the island’s history of African slavery but today has evolved into a community expression of Afro-Puerto Rican culture. … The slaves came from different African tribes and through this music, they could communicate.

A huge shout out to all our sponsors of this year’s gala, Wegmans, Avidia Bank, Middlesex Savings Bank, Philip Ottaviani, The New England Patriots Memorabilia and our very own Framingham State University.

A special acknowledgement to our four awardees this evening:

2019 Community Activist Award, Presented to Tracey Bryant Framingham School Committee Clerk and District 9 Representative. For Your Unwavering support to the Framingham Youth in the Community.

“Justice Denied Anywhere Diminishes Justice Everywhere” MLK
2019 Educators Award, Presented to MetroWest Educators for Social Justice. Received by Framingham High School Teacher Glenda Cohen For Your Dedication and Advocacy for all the youth in Framingham. To Ensuring The Students of Framingham Are Provided The Best Education Possible. “Community, Education, Leadership”

2019 Community Education Award, Presented to Discovering Hidden Gems, Co-Founders Margie Ann Rosario and Julissa Ortiz For Your Educational Contributions To The Youth Of Framingham. “We Believe Every Child Deserves to Shine”

2019 Heroes Awardee, Presented to Ada Navarro For “Love, Compassion, Empathy” of our families in our community.

Words from the host Gloria Pascual “As I reflect on my life I was so fortunate to have so many mentors in my life that supported and guided me for which I am so thankful for. So many are here this evening and all the others who could not make it this evening sent their love and support from far. My personal journey in life from being part of the “Me Too” epidemic that young girls face, a high school drop out to teen mom to 1st generation college graduate to Healthcare Executive to Vice Chair to the School Committee and Community Advocate! This is exactly why must support organizations like Discovering Hidden Gems so that our youth can overcome their obstacles in life and have access to great mentors in their community”!

Discovering Hidden Gems our local nonprofit organizations is made up of 100% volunteers and they believe every child deserves to shine! Their mission is to help increase the quality of life of at-promise youth through recreational and educational experiences. They accomplish this by investing in recreational activities and educational programs targeting those whom are in impoverished communities, economically, physically, or mentally disadvantaged.

Nourishing our youth will lead to a flourishing community. They provide educational programming for over 2,000 youth and their families in the community.

There is still time for you to participate in supporting this amazing
organization Please feel free to donate at I’d like to thank you in advance for your generosity.

I look forward to seeing everyone again next year as we celebrate our 2sd annual Gala for Education in Framingham!


Photos submitted to SOURCE By Discovering Hidden Gems

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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