LETTER: Mayor Spicer Needs To Re-Focus on Framingham, Not Deal With Recall Speculation

FRAMINGHAM – I suspect that there were many Framingham residents who were thinking about a recall between the time that the news of the health department taking over part of the Callahan Center broke and the mayor announced that the health department would not be moved into the senior center (myself included).

I, for one, felt that Mayor Spicer’s performance prior to this debacle had been dismal, so I was already unhappy with her record.

Further, following two meetings with her last Tuesday, I believed that the mayor was only paying lip service to the public and that moving the health department into Callahan was a done deal. So for me, yesterday’s announcement was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Kudos and many thanks to the mayor for listening to the people and doing the right thing.

I hope and pray, however, that this experience has helped the mayor realize that she must refocus her work on issues that directly and solely affect Framingham; that she needs to spend less time at conferences and more time meeting with residents and traveling around the city to stay on top of what’s happening locally; and that she needs to improve communications so that her constituents know what she’s planning, that they’re included in the process, and that she’s acting in their best interests.

We can’t predict how the rest of the Mayor Spicer’s term will play out or if she’ll decide to run again.

Still, given that the mayor has reversed herself on the Callahan issue, and her overall record to date has been underwhelming but not harmful to the city and its residents, I would not support a recall at this time.

Nancy Donchin


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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