UPDATED: Framingham City Council Creates School Zone on Water Street

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night, April 16, to eestablish a school zone on Water Street for King Elementary School.

In August 2015, King became the Framingham Public School District’s ninth elementary school with kindergarten and first grade classes.

This August, it will become a full K-5 elementary school, as a grade has been added each year.

But when King Elementary opened, there was no “school zone” sign, and no speed limit of 20 mile sper hour posted.

Parent Damian Roskill requested the school zone be established for 454 Water Street.

“I would like to see a lower speed limit near the school and some additional signage/flashing lights to make sure that drivers are aware of the children,” he wrote.

” As a parent with children at King, and one who often walks his kids to school, it is clear that many cars are going too fast near the school. While Hemenway School has signs and a flashing light to indicate to drivers that they are near a school, King has nothing to remind drivers that they are near a school with small children,” wrote Roskill.

The appointed Framingham Traffic Commission voted on Feb. 26 to establish a school zone on Water Street at the King School.

A legal notice was published in March, and an ordinance filed with the City Council on March 20, to create the school zone.

Last night, the City Council unanimously approved the request.

In a school zone, speed is lowered to 20 miles per hour.

Crosswalks are also required, too.

So why was there no school zone for a school?

Prior to King opening, the school was used as administrative offices for the school district, so the school zone was not needed.

In 2010, school administration offices were forced to move out of the Maynard Building due to mold issues. Some offices move to Fuller Middle, including the Superintendent’s office, but some offices moved to the former Juniper Hill School.

The school district, under then Superintendent Stacy Scott, later spent more than $500,000 to consolidate administrative offices to the King Building.

Scott moved the BLOCKS preschool from King to the former Juniper Hill school, and moved administration consolidated at King.

Today administrative offices are located in the Perini building, under a lease from Feb. 1, 2015 to Jan. 31, 2020, at more than $335,000 a year.

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