UPDATED: Dog Reunited With Owners After February Car Crash

FRAMINGHAM – In February, Jill and Doug Andrews were in a car crash with their dog Bear, in a community near Framingham, according to the McGarry family, who found the dog today, April 15.

Bear was not found after the crash, but yesterday, he wandered into the yard of the McGarry family in Framingham.

“After much coaxing we got him inside and we’re able to read his tags,” said Samantha McGarry.

“I managed to reach his owners who were amazed and happy – and jumped in their car to come get him,” said McGarry

But the reunion was not that simple.

Bear was getting anxious was growling in the house, so the family let him outside.

Bear “took off down the street,” said McGarry. Her son “took off on his bike to give chase and with the help of a stranger, they found him and got Bear on a leash,” she explained.

Later, her son “walked him back and into the arms – and tears – of his owners,” said McGarry.

Bear has had lots of adventures in his life. Before he was with his new owner, who were in that cra crash, hee “had been a service dog in the military in Afghanistan. So happy that this story ended well,” said McGarry.


Photo by the McGarry family

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