LETTER: Mayor Spicer Putting Her ‘Most Vulnerable Citizens In Harm’s Way’

FRAMINGHAM – As I understand today, Mayor Spicer and her administration have made a final decision to move the Health Department to our Callahan Senior Center.

Editor’s Note: Mayor’s office released a Q&A on Friday night after 6 p.m. that ruled out many locations for the health department, but still kept as a top option the Callahan Center.

My husband, 92 years of age, has been playing Duplicate Bridge there for a number of years, from noon to 4 p.m. every Monday.  One of his pleasures in his elder life.

This will present an overlapping time when the Health Department will be using the facility.  Parking has always been tight for the many handicapped as they make their way to their center.  There simply isn’t any extra space and sharing what there is just isn’t an option for them.

My mother played bridge at the old senior center housed in the basement of a local school.  The new center was a blessing for our seniors.

Although we are told that there will be a separate entrance for the Health Department, the rest rooms will be shared.

I am fearful for my husband to be exposed to any young persons illness.  For heavens sake, those that come to the center are dealing with “end of life” issues.  They are fragile. What is this madness?

I will no longer be a member of the senior center.

There are numerous senior centers in surrounding towns.  They are lovely,
well administered and hopefully, would welcome us.  

Mayor Spicer won the election as the first mayor of our city proclaiming she
would be “The People’s Mayor”. 

She has put one of her most vulnerable citizens in harm’s way.  I have been watching her dismantle another proposal that the old town fought for. 

Thus, before she can do more harm to her “people” I, and my husband, will be more than willing to sign a petition to remove her from office.


Marlene and Murray Wiener


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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