Councilor Cannon Files Ordinance To Move Control of Callahan Center to Council on Aging

FRAMINGHAM – City Councilor Michael Cannon filed an ordinance that would re-assign custody and control of the Callahan Center to the Framingham Council on Aging.

SOURCE published a report on the District 4 City Councilor’s proposal on Monday.

Today, April 11, the legislative proposal was filed.

“I was deeply saddened by the Mayor’s presentation at Tuesday’s Council on Aging meeting. I had sincerely hoped that we would be celebrating that yourgovernment had listened and appropriately adjusted their plans accordingly. Unfortunately, that hasn’t yet happened, so our work continues,” Cannon wrote to members of the Council on Aging today, April 11.

“I have today filed an ordinance with the City Council that would reassign custody and control of the Callahan center property (and other similar properties as they’re established) to the Council on Aging. This is the same structure we have long employed for our libraries, which are under the care and custody of the Library Trustees,” said Cannon to to the Council, which is appointed by the Mayor.

The ordinance proposal is likely to be referred to the City’s Council’s subcommittee on rules & ordinances.

“The legislative process is, by design, rather slow and deliberative. Executive action by the Mayor would be a lot faster and I am still hopeful that she reverses her decision,” Councilor Cannon write to the Council.

“The language which my ordinance is based on is taken directly from the existing (and long standing) bylaw which governs the care and custody of the Libraries by the Library Trustees. This language has been in force under both our Town and City forms of government,” Cannon said.


Below is a copy of the ordinance that was filed:

An Order to assign control of The Callahan Center to the Framingham Council on Aging

Whereas – Framingham’s Callahan Center is named in honor of
Framingham veteran, hospital board member, local bank
president, historian, and community leader, Raymond
J. Callahan (1895-1970);

Whereas – It is the mission of The Callahan Center to improve
the healthy aging of a broader segment of the 55 and
older population of Framingham by solidifying
collaborations in the community to actively reach out
to underserved groups;

Whereas – In 2004, Framingham received multiple substantial
private donations to acquire and outfit the property
at 535 Union Avenue on the condition that it be used
exclusively as a center of activity to serve our
older residents;

Whereas – Article VI, Section 8A of the Framingham Home Rule
Charter directs the City Council to be “active
stewards of Framingham’s physical assets”;

Whereas – Article II, Section 5 of the Framingham Home Rule
Charter grants the City Council “all municipal powers
of Framingham”;

Therefore – Article II, Section 13 of the Framingham Bylaws is
hereby amended with the following new language:
13.5 The Council on Aging shall have the care and custody
of the property known as The Callahan Center at 535
Union Avenue (Parcel ID 101-52-8023-000) and such
other properties as may be established. They may
expend such amounts as the City Council may
appropriate, and they shall adopt such rules and
regulations as are consistent with law.

13.6 The Council on Aging shall make an annual report to
the City, which shall give a full financial statement
of all receipts and expenditures, and any other
information they may desire to bring before the City.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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