VIDEO: Mayor Spicer Says ‘Every Action’ She Has Taken She Always Had ‘Older Adults’ Front and Center

FRAMINGHAM – Before a crowd of more than 200 senior citzens, many City Councilors, the entire Framingham Council on Aging, Mayor Yvonne Spicer tried to defend her administratioons’ decision to move Framingham Health Department offices, currently at Fuller Middle School, into the Callahan Center by mid-June.

“Since the onset of becoming mayor, one group of people who have always been has always stood front and center for me is our older adults,” said Mayor Yvonne Spicer at the start of the Council on Aging meeting. “And every action that I have done, had demonstrated that.

The crowed erupted in “Nos and boos!”

“We have been looking for viable options for the health department, since we learned of the Fuller (middle school) vote,” said Mayor Spicer.

That vote took place in December.

Her administration landed last week on the Callahan Center, as that viable option.

The entire west wing of the Center would become health offices, and the the health department and the Callahan center would share bathrooms.

The move evicts the Friends of the Callahan Center’s gallery and gift shop. The Center’s multi-purpose room, which houses an Alzheimer’s and dementia program on Fridays, would need to find other space.

SOURCE broke the news of the Spicer administration decision last week.

The Mayor said the publishing of the news “was premature,’ but she also said that the health offices needed to be out of Fuler Middle School by June 15, and her facilities department said that any option options need to be identified and vetted no later than the end of April.

The news came as a shock to the City Council, and many seniors.

“We have no space. We have unfortunately not mantained our building,” said Mayor Spicer. “It’s trying to take a real tough situation, and make the best of it in the short term.”

More than 2 dozens senior citizens, along with City Councilors and residents of the City spoke yesterday, suggesting alternative locations for the health offices.

No one who spoke yesterday supported the Mayor’s plan, except for the Mayor and her “senior staff” she brought with her.

SOURCE will have a full report on Thursday.

Watch the Mayor’s entire opening statement below.

Mayor Yvonne Spicer's opening statement at the Callahan center today during the Framingham Council on Aging meeting. She said she has always had the seniors on her mind when making decisions, since becoming Mayor. More than 200 people packed the Center to hear why the Mayor wants to move health offices from Fuller Middle School into the Senior Center. Not one person who spoke supported the Spicer administration decision.SOURCE first broke the news of the move last Wednesday –Susan.Source will have a report, with more video, and photos on Wednesday.

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