UPDATED: Councilor Cannon Proposes Ordinance To Give Callahan Center Accountability To Council on Aging

Editor’s Note: Last updated to fix date of next Council meeting to April 16.

FRAMINGHAM – Last week, the Spicer administration made the decision to move the health offices from Fuller Middle School into the Callahan Center in June.

The decision by the Spicer Administration would evict the Friends of the Callahan’s Gallery and give one-third of the Callahan Center space to the Framingham Health Department.

The news, first reported on SOURCE, came as a surprise to the City Council, and to many on the Framingham Council on Aging appointed by Mayor Yvonne Spicer, and the Friends of the Callahan.

On Tuesday, the Council on Aging will hold its monthly meeting at 1:30 p.m. The Mayor has been invited and is expected to attend.

The Mayor’s spokesperson has called the decison to move the health offices into the Callahan Center as a “wim-win” as many of the health services are used by “older Americans.”

Many of the seniors are not happy with the Spicer administration decision.

“While I was hoping that the Mayor would have reversed her decision by now, we’ve encountered no such luck. While I’m still optimistic (albeit cautiously), I’ve been working on backup plans, just in case,” wrote District 4 City Councilor Michael Cannon to the Council on Aging members on Sunday, April 7.

“I’ve drafted an ordinance which would assign control of the Callahan Center property to the Council on Aging (much like the Library Trustees have care and custody of the libraries),” wrote Cannon, who toured the Callahan Center, and spoke to staff and seniors on Friday afternoon.

“While I would be very disappointed if the Mayor forces us to solve this problem legislatively, I’ll file my ordinance immediately following your Tuesday board meeting if we haven’t received good news by then,” wrote Cannon.

“Other City Councilors are working on solutions as well (they may have better ideas than mine), so we will likely have multiple options to discuss at the next City Council meeting,” scheduled for Tuesday, April 16 at 7:15 p.m, wrote Cannon.

The Friends of the Callahan have requested the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office issue an injunction on the move of the health offices into the Callahan Center. President of he organization Mark Goldman believes it is a violation of the Gift Act.

Many of the City Councilors expressed their frustration with the Spicer administration on the lack of communication on the decision.

The City’s Chief Operating Officer Thatcher Kezer III gave a report to the City Council Tuesday night, but never mentioned the move.

And no memo from the Spicer administration went to the City Councilors on the move, before it was announced on SOURCE.


Editor’s Note: In full transparency, the Friends of the Callahan have been an advertiser with SOURCE since 2016.

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