VIDEO: ConvenientMD To Open in Framingham

FRAMINGHAM – ConvenientMD Urgent Care is planning to open a location in Framingham.

ConvenientMD is a full service urgent care center similar to a hospital emergency room.

A single-story 5,070 square feet will be constructed.

The current structure on 873 Concord Street would be demolished and used for the parking lot of the new urgent care facility.

In April 2018, Mammoth Development Company LLC, Concord Street Realty LLC and Chalifoux Realty LLC applied for a sign variance for the two properties at 236 Cochituate Road and 873 Concord Street.

CEO Max Puyanic explained to the Zoning Board the additional signage was needed becuase “most clients traveling to the center will be sick, injured, or in distress.”

The Framingham Zoning Board of Appeals approved the signage unanimously 3-0, with members Joseph Norton, Susan Craighead, and chair Phil Ottaviani Jr. voting.

Zoning Board member Stephen Meltzer, recused himself from the May 2018 vote, as he had a financial interest in one of the two properties.

Meltzer said he has owned the Concord Street property since 2006 and has marketed the property for sale since 2012 with little to no luck.

He spoke to the importance of the signage and explained the existing topography that dips down on Cochituate Road, the busy intersection, and the easiness of missing the driveway. He stated that the signage was important for safety reasons along with a way of identification.

Attorney Paul Galvani, representing the applicants, said the request was to install two conforming freestanding signs, one on Concord Street and the other on Cochituate Road, and two wall signs which would require relief from the Sign Board.

The ZBA voted to grant the requested relief, with the conditions the total square footage shall not exceed 200 square feet.

During the hearing Craighead asked if the applicant’s pharmacy would be open to the public.

Puyanic said no, and added the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not allow such operation.

“The pharmacy would strictly serve the clients being treated in the urgent care facility and would only be for inside consumption,” he said.

Letters in support of the ZBA applications were submitted by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield; Boys and Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire; ConvenientMD Bedford Facility; Exeter Fire Department; Metrowest Commercial Real Estate; New Hampshire School Nurses’ Association; and Concord Family YMCA.

Courtesy of ConvenientMD

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