LETTER: ‘Very Little Synergy Between Board of Health and Callahan To Co-Locate Them’

FRAMINGHAM – I, the Council, and it appears many others were completely blindsided by the Mayor’s decision.

We were neither consulted, pre-warned, nor notified after the decision was internally announced.

I see very little, if anything, with this move that benefits the Callahan Senior Center community.

I see very little synergy between the Board of Health and Callahan to co-locate them in fact there are reasons not to co-locate them.

In addition, the senior center serves thousands of seniors and having adequate space for their programs is essential to fulfilling their mission.

I was involved in the purchasing and opening of Callahan Senior Center as a member of the Town’s Finance Committee.

I remember quite vividly our senior citizens fighting very hard for an exclusive center for senior programs.

The $1.5 million private gifts that were given to the Town to purchase and build out the center were based on that exclusivity for our seniors. The need has not declined over the years it has only grown so I think we should continue to honor that effort and find another location for the Board of Health.

There are other sites that may not be ideal for the Board of Health but are much less impactful to existing programs and residents. The old library in Saxonville is one such potential site.

Dennis Giombetti

District 5 City Councilor

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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