UPDATE: Spicer Administration Plans To Move Health Department Into Callahan Center; Friends of Callahan Fighting The Move

FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer’s administration plans to move the health offices at Fuller Middle School to the Callahan Center.

Members of the Friends of the Callahan Center said it came to their attention that the City of Framingham has chosen to relocate the City’s Health Department and child immunization services to the Callahan Center.

The health services would occupy the entire west side of the Callahan Center, according to members of the Friends of the Callahan Center.

The Friends of the Callahan operate a gallery on the west side of the Center, and there are offices and a conference room on that side of the Center.

“That is going to happen,” said Kelly McFalls, the spokesperson for the Mayor and the City. “It will happen in mid-June.”

“This is a win-win situation,” said McFalls. “As many of the health services offered are for our older adults.”

She said this is necessary due to the construction at Fuller Middle School.

“It is an interim situation,” said McFalls.

The Friends of the Callahan Center are fighting the move and have asked the Massachusetts Attorney General for an injunction to stop the move, said Friends of the Callahan Center President Mark Goldman.

A Framingham resident named Jack Blais donated $1 million to the Friends of Callahan for a home for the seniors of Framingham, said Goldman.

The donation was “for the exclusive use to renovate a new home for the underserved senior population of Framingham.”

“Blais wrote 3 letters in regard to this donation which should be on file with Town/City Council. The first was sent to Board of Selectmen/Town Manager identifying the donation. A second letter was also sent to the Town outlining the conditions of the donation and its exclusive use for Seniors. The third letter informed the Town that the money was incorrectly deposited into the General Fund instead of the Friends of Callahan account and also requested $7,000 in accrued interest which the Town paid,” said Goldman.

Goldman believes the City is in violation of the Gift Act by incorporating the Health Department into the Callahan Senior Center, as the donation was to a certified 501c3 non profit.

Goldman has raised his concerns with the City, City Councilors, and the state.

Spicer’s administration never informed the City Council of the move.

City Council Chair Dennis Giombetti said he first learned of the move from Goldman.

Chief Operating Officer Thatcher Kezer III never mentioned the move in his report to the Council last night, April 2.

The Mayor’s senior advisor Jacquetta Van Zandt attended the Council on Aging meeting last month and never mentioned the move.

Editor’s Note: In full transparency, the Friends of the Callahan Center have been an advertiser with SOURCE since 2016.

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