LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fuller Middle Deserves Equal Treatment in School Budget

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was read at the School Committee meeting Wednesday night, April 3.


FRAMINGHAM – I am here tonight as the father of a 8th grader at Fuller who is going to to high school and an incoming 6th grader to Fuller to request that the Framingham School Committee address an inequality in the three Framingham Middle Schools.

Specifically Fuller middle school is the only school without a full time drama teacher.

This has led to rapid turnover with four drama teachers in the past few years. This is hindering students on the ‘south side’ of Framingham and giving them separate and unequal access to essential resources. 

We all agree we want STEAM schools. Part of a steam school is the arts. With a revolving door of part time drama teachers the Fuller students are not proved the same opportunities for long-term support, coaching and mentorship as the students in the other schools This is a vital and transformative age for the children and they need that dedicated support  

This has an impact beyond their middle school years. It puts them at a disadvantage relative to children from the other middle schools when they get to Framingham High School that have had the same teachers mentoring them for years. So the lack of a full-time teacher is something that is felt well beyond the middle school years and into the high school years

I am concerned this is a systemic issue facing Fuller as three years ago it was the only school to have a non-certified social studies teacher while the other middle schools did. 

I am a former town meeting member and former ways and means committee member.  I have managed P&Ls. I fully understand budget challenges. But this is a priority. Principal Duarte is one of the best hires the town has made in the past few years. Please give him the same tools as the other principals to help his students realize their full potential.

Thank you 

Mark W. McClennan

District 5

Fuller Middle School parent

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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