UPDATED: Framingham High Drama Company Advances To Finals; Wins 7 Awards

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham High School Drama Company will advance to the finals of the state’s drama festival with its production of Animal Farm.

This is the 14th time in 16 years, the high school’s drama company has advances to the finals in the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild’s (METG) festival.

Fourteen high school productions qualified for the state finals this weekend. The state finals take place over 3 days at the John Hancock Building in Boston.

Update: Framingham High will perform as the first show of the weekend on Thursday, March 28 at 5 p.m.

Framingham High hosted a semifinal round on Saturday of the METG drama festival.

Framingham High senior Emily Dupcak won the David Dooley award on Saturday from METG. The award goes to a student who most embodies festival. Dupcak is the stage manager of the production.

Framingham High also won three acting and three production awards in the semifinals.

Senior Natalia Buitta won an acting award for her role of Napoleon.

Michael Celestin won an acting award for his role of Old Major.

Senior Jessie Landes won an acting award for her role of Squealer.

A trio of Framingham musicians won an award forthe live music of the 40-minute production based on George Orwell’s novel. They are Diego Castrillo-Vilches, Alex McLaughlin, and Brendan Qi.

Four Framingham high students won an award fro make-up and hair design execution. They were Caitlyn Doucette, Vicky DaSilva, Maya Puffer, and Michelle Moran.

Bridget Donovan won an award for lighting execution.

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