UPDATED: Anonymous Donor Wants To Pay for All Framingham AP Exams in Spring 2019

FRAMINGHAM – An anonymous donor wants to pay for all advanced placement (AP) exams at Framingham High this spring.

Typically the exams cost about $100 each, and are paid by students (and families) to the College Board, the same company that administers SAT tests.

Framingham Superintendent of School Bob Tremblay said the donation is for about $70,000, in a memo to the 9-member Framingham School Committee.

There are roughly about 650 students who are taking AP classes at Framingham High this 2018-19 school year.

Students were notified not to register for the exams, this morning, March 16, by AP exam coordinator Emily Taylor. The deadline to register for exams, which are administered in May, is in late March.

The payment process for AP exams is currently on hold. We will have more information in the next week or so on payment. However, Framingham High is ordering an AP exam for every student who is enrolled in an AP course. Therefore, students and parents do not need to worry about the registration, and payment informing is forthcoming,” said the email to students.

Framingham High students who took AP exams in spring 2018, out performed students across America, and in the Commonwealth.

More than 90% of the students who took an AP exams at Framingham High in spring 2018, scored a 3 or higher.

College and universities will give credit for AP classes for students who score a 3 or higher. Some college and universities will only give credit is a student received the highest score a 5.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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