Framingham Commission Votes To Suspend Braza Bar & Grill Alcohol License For A Day

FRAMINGHAM – After serving alcohol to a minor, during a Framingham Police operation, Braza Bar & Grill has agreed to a one-day suspension of its all-alcohol license.

Last night, the Framingham License Commission voted unanimously to suspend the alcohol license for one day, and have the Route 135 restaurant pay a $300 investigative fee.

Framingham Police Lt. Jorge Ruiz told the Commission last night, the Police Department announced they were going to conduct a compliance check operation with alcohol establishments in the Framingham Source and the MetroWest Daily News in October.

On Friday, January 4, 2019, an 18-year-old student was served at Braza Bar & Grill, as part of that operation. He was served a Corona Light Beer at the bar, without being asked for identification, according To Lt. Ruiz.

The Framingham Police conducted the operation over 8 weeks at 74 establishments with a liquor license and 57 establishments passed.

Three establishments came before the Commission in February. Three more came before the Commission earlier this month, and four came before the Commission last night.

All had their license suspended for at least one day. More hearings are scheduled for later this month and next month on other establishments.

The high school student, 18, under police supervision entered the
establishment without any forms of identification and attempted to
purchase an alcoholic beverage with money provided by the
Framingham Police, in each situation, explained Lt. Ruiz.

Lt. Ruiz said this is the first alcohol license violation for Braza Bar & Grill.

Lt. Ruiz said the restaurant and its management cooperated with the investigation.

Braza manager Amanda Lopes Vicente attended the hearing last night.

She said the restaurant & bar has hired two security people to greet people when they enter the bar and check identification. She said the bartenders and servers are also still required to check identification.

She said the person who served the Corona Light beer no longer works for Braza.

She was a student, who went back to her country,” said Vicente.

The restaurant must either close on a Friday within the next 30 days or the restaurant will need not to serve alcohol to patrons on a Friday within the next 30 days.

The restaurant is also required to pay a $300 fee to the City for the alcohol license violation investigation.

The purpose of the underage compliance check operation is educational in
nature, said Lt. Ruiz.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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