New Laundry Establishment Opening This Weekend

FRAMINGHAM – A new laundromat is opening in Framingham this weekend.

On Saturday, Ropa Laundry is scheduled to open to the public on Union Avenue.

Ropa Laundry’s goal is to “make your laundry experience comfortable and easy.”

The 158 Union Avenue location, with parking in back, offers large coin and credit card operated washers and dryers.

Ropa Laundry’s “large capacity washers are energy efficient and consume less water and power per wash, keeping the environment green. Because of the large size drums these washers have they wash better using less detergent and softener.”

” As the capacity of the washers we have is huge you can wash 1 weeks laundry in one of our 80 pound washers within 26 minutes and spend less time then you would at home,” said the new business to downtown Framingham.


  • 80 Pound Washer – Washes 8 loads at a time
  • 60 Pound Washers – Washes 6 loads at a time
  • 40 Pound Washers – Washes 4 loads at a time
  • 20 Pound Washers – Washes double loads at a time

The location has been remodeled. It is bright and colorful. There is a machine filled with detergent and other needs to purchase.

Too busy to come in and do you own laundry?

Ropa Laundry offers a wash, dry, & fold service.

“We do all the work. We will wash, dry, fold and return them to you ready to wear, so that you can take care of the more important things. Our attendant are trained to use the best available commercial detergent and softener. Unlike other cleaners, we will sort your laundry by color before washing: dark with darks and light with lights,” said the new business.

Editor’s Note: Hours were not available, when SOURCE published. We’ll update when they are available.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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