Burgess, Wins Conference Mile & Division 1 2-Mile, Commits To UMass Amherst

By Joseph Ratta

Framingham Source intern


FRAMINGHAM – To some, running is a fun activity to do during free time. To Ben Burgess, a senior at Framingham High School, running is a passion.

“It all started for me in elementary school. I participated in the Golden Eagle Road Race at Stapleton. I wanted to beat my teacher in the race.”

Although running started at a very young age for Ben, it was not the only sport that he played growing up. He also played Babe Ruth town baseball and TBA basketball.

Through playing in these leagues, his teammates and opponents always pointed out his speed.

“I constantly heard at basketball games ‘Hey watch out for this kid, don’t let him break away,'” said Burgess.

“My friends would always comment on my speed. They were the ones who really got me started in running track competitively. My friends combined with me loving to compete really encouraged me to pursue it,” said Burgess, who won the Bay State Conference’s mile title.

Burgess recently qualified for all-states, winning the MIAA Division I 2-mile race.

“It was a good run. I definitely feel like I closed hard” he said.

Burgess, who ran cross-country, indoor track, and outdoor track for the Flyers, recently committed to UMASS Amherst, where he plans to continue to compete.


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