Boston Marathon Runner Profile: Lisa Burgess

Editor’s Note: SOURCE is profiling runners participating in the 2019 Boston Marathon, with ties to Framingham, Ashland, and Natick.


Lisa Burgess

Hometown: Framingham, born and raised.

Marathon Team: Team Framingham

Is this your first marathon?  This will be my second marathon.  I ran Chicago in 2017.

Is this your first BOSTON Marathon?  Yes

Why run Boston?  As some in town know, our family is a family of runners.  Watching the Boston Marathon has been a family tradition of ours for many years.  We live right by the marathon route so each Marathon Monday we go down to watch the Marathon.  Eventually I am sure my boys will run Boston, but this year it’s my turn.  This is definitely a bucket list thing for me.  I have tried for 3 years to get a number for Boston.  This is my year.  I will be celebrating a milestone birthday in April 11 and on April 15, I will run my first Boston Marathon!

What charity are you raising money for?  I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to raise money for Jeff’s Place.

Why did you pick this charity?  Jeff’s Place is an amazing organization that helps grieving families cope with traumatic loss of an immediate family member.  Jeff’s Place founder and I attended high school together.  She lost her brother tragically while we were in school together and she founded Jeff’s Place to help other grieving families cope with their loss.  Jeff’s Place has helped so many families.  On a personal level, Jeff’s Place has provided invaluable support to me and my four children when their Dad lost his life suddenly and unexpectedly.

Why do you like to run?  I got into running about 10 years ago because it was a shared hobby that I could do with my kids.  Although, my kids now compete at an elite level, we still enjoy running several races together for fun like Finish at the 50 and the Turkey Trot.  Last fall I participated along with my two boys and 8 other Greater Framingham Running Club members in a 203 mile relay race from Bretton Woods New Hampshire to Hampton Beach (“Reach the Beach”).  I have been pleased with my personal running accomplishments as well which continue to motivate me.  In addition to the Chicago 2017 marathon, I also completed the B.A.A. medley in 2018 ( 5k, 10k and half marathon).

Tell me something about your training for the marathon: I am gradually increasing my volume.  My longest run so far was last weekend when I ran 15 miles.  With 11 weeks to go, I’m feeling pretty good about where I am with my training.  It’s so great to be part of a team that trains together!
What is your favorite cross training activity?  Boxing for sure!  I work out with a personal trainer who specializes in boxing and martial arts.  When I’m not running, I can be found hitting the mitts with Bobby at Lifetime.
How do you stay motivated when you don’t want to run?  I just think about the reason why I am doing this and all of the families I will be helping by helping Jeff’s Place.  I think about my kids growing up without a Dad, and that they had no say in that.  The least I can do is run for other kids like them.

Music or no music when running?  Definitely music!  3 hour long runs without music can be brutal.  I know this first hand since my phone battery has died from the cold for my past two long runs.  I run to all kinds of music, 80’s, country, pop.  I don’t have one favorite song.

Favorite pre running meal: bananas and peanut butter and toast.

Shoes for marathon Monday: I own at least 8 pairs of running shoes but I intend to invest in a new pair for the marathon.

Goal:  I ran Chicago 4:27.  I’d like to do that time again or faster.


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