17 Establishments Fail Framingham Police Alcohol Compliance Check

FRAMINGHAM – Over eight weeks, Framingham Police conducted an alcohol compliance check to see if establishments would serve or sell alcohol to a minor, by not asking for an ID before purchase.

Seventy-four establishments were checked, and 57 passed, which meant 17 failed.

Framingham Police Lt. Jorge Ruiz told the Framingham License Commission Monday night, that the Police Department announced they were going to conduct a compliance check operation with alcohol establishments in the Framingham Source and the MetroWest Daily News in October.

Three establishments came before the Framingham License Commission Monday night for alcohol license violation hearings.

All three had their license suspended for at least one day.

More hearings are scheduled for later this month and next month on other establishments.

Lt. Ruiz said all 17 establishments will be facing disciplinary action, and all will have a hearing before the Commission.

Lt. Ruiz told the Commission Monday night that the minor used in the compliance checks was an 18 year old male student.

The Framingham Police Lieutenant explained Monday night that he sits outside the establishment, while the student, 18, goes into the establishment.

In the case of the two restaurants that went before the Commission for an alcohol license hearing Monday night, the student asked for a draft beer. He was served a draft beer , without being asked for an ID. The police department supplies the money to the student, and the student leaves his ID in the car with the police officer. After the beer is served to the minor, the student texts the police officer who then comes into the establishment, and discusses the license infraction.

In the case of the supermarket, the student was sold a 12-pack of beer with being asked for an ID.

The establishments that failed the compliance check were:

Food Mart Liquors

Bazaar West

Center Mobil

Amy’s Convenience

Union Big Mart

Dom’s Variety

Wine Vault

El Mariachi

Samba Steak & Sushi House

Star House

Route 9 Sports Bar

Braza Bar & Grill

Kens Steakhouse

Rail Road 6

Framingham Beer Works

Legal Sea Foods

Tesoro Supermarket

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