Public To Help Curate Items For Framingham History Center Top 10 Exhibit

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham History Center wants the public to help curate its next exhibit called Framingham’s Top Ten.  

“This exhibit will feature what we and the public believe are our most important artifacts,” said Executive Director Annie Murphy. “We believe EVERYONE should know about these objects and the stories they have to tell.”

Starting, Wednesday, Feb. 13, the public can vote to choose three items, from a list of 19 items, for the exhibit. 

The items range from the 1650s to 2017.

The three items that receive the most votes will be the “Framingham Picks” in the upcoming exhibit.

Murphy said museum staff has already “chosen the Shopper’s World sign, an array of Dennison products, and our two suffragist “Jailed for Freedom” pins for the exhibit.”

Voting closes on March 13.

The History Center will reveal the three “Framingham Picks” on March 14.

The exhibit is slated to open on October 24, 2019, at the Framingham History Center.

To vote visit, 

There are photographs of the 19 objects and a brief explanation of each item, including the bust of General Gordon, pictured with this report.

This Empire State No. 2 camera by Eastman Kodak came from the studio of Wallace Nutting (1861-1941), a furniture maker, photographer, and one of the drivers behind the Colonial Revival movement in the early 20th Century. From his studio in Framingham, Nutting manufactured pastoral and domestic images meant to evoke “old New England,” which became must-have decorative items for the burgeoning American middle class.

George H. Gordon (1823-1886) was one of Framingham’s greatest war heroes, rising to the rank of Brigadier General in the Union Army during the Civil War. This extraordinary marble bust was carved by Daniel Chester French, the sculptor famous for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

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