UPDATED: MBTA Says RIDE Service Should Not Be Disrupted This Week

UPDATED 10:13 a.m. Monday


” I’m pleased that both sides have reached an agreement that will allow critical RIDE services to continue. While ratification is still required, the new contract will safeguard against any disruption to regularly scheduled para-transit services,” said the MBTA’s general manager Monday morning.

“Recognizing the RIDE provides an important service to our customers, the result of discussions between both parties will ensure the new agreement will allow GLSS to continue providing critical paratransit services without disruption in partnership with its drivers who will receive fair compensation. In the unlikely event the new contract is not ratified, the MBTA will continue working with its other RIDE vendors, several Regional Transit Authorities, as well as transportation network companies to provide substitute service,” said the MBTA’s general manager.


BOSTON — The MBTA is advising RIDE customers that potential service impacts could come as a result of a possible work stoppage on the part of a RIDE vendor, which if carried out, would take effect with the start of service on Tuesday, February 12.  

The RIDE serves a vulnerable segment of the population, many of whom cannot access fixed-route transportation.

The MBTA strongly encourages both parties to continue discussions toward an agreement that maintains continuity in service for RIDE customers, without any disruption. 

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