Framingham City Elections To Be Held In 2019

FRAMINGHAM – While officially election season doesn’t kick off until May 1, 2019, the first election event for 2019 is tonight, February 6.

At-Large City Council George P. King is holding a fundraiser at La Cantina restaurant in District 8 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Voters elected the City’s first leaders in November 2017. Framingham Voters elected the City’s first Mayor, an 11-member City Council and a 9-member School Committee.

In 2019, Voters will elect an entire new 11-member City Council and the a new 9-member School Committee. The Mayor’s first term was for 4 years.

This time, however, the term for at-large City Councilors’ is for 4-years. Voters will elect two at-large City Councilors to represent Framingham from 2020 to 2024.

The rest of the City Council, and the entire School Committee, will be elected by district residents and will serve 2-year terms.

City Clerk Lisa Ferguson said also new this year members of the Library Trustees and Cemetery Trustees will be elected.

Under the new city form of government both the library and the Edgell Grove cemetery trustees are still elected.

In 2019, the four members of the library trustees elected in 2015 and the trustees elected with the third and fourth highest votes in 2016 will need to run for the 6 seats available. Other candidates may also pull papers for those six seats.

In 2021, the four members of the library trustees elected in 2017 and the two in 2016 with the highest vote totals, will need to run for the six seats.

Keefe Technical School Committee seats

The City of Framingham Charter approved by voters on April 4 2017, gives the Mayor power to negotiate with the South Vocational district member communities to have the Mayor appoint the Keefe Technical School Committee members for Framingham.

The communities that make up the regional district (Ashland, Natick, Holliston, and Hopkinton) must agree to the change in the contract. Town Meeting in each of those four communities would have to agree to the contract change, as well. These communities have yet to vote on the matter.

If the communities agree to the contract change, the Mayor would appoint individuals for 3-year terms.

Election deadlines

Nomination papers will be made available on May 1, said City Clerk Ferguson

Individuals running for an at-large city council seat must collect 150 signatures of registered voters, and at least 10 signatures from each of the 9 districts.

Individuals running for district Council or district School Committee must collect 50 signatures from registered voters all from the district.

Individuals running for library or cemetery trustee must collect 50 signatures of registered voters.

Nomination papers are due by July 30, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Papers will be certified by August 13.

Thursday, August 15, there will be a lottery for ballot position if a preliminary election is needed.

The preliminary election would be held on Tuesday, September 17. The deadline to register to vote if one wishes to participate in the Sepetmebr election is August 28 at 8 p.m.

The final election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5.

Editor’s Note: Source will be accepting advertising for political ads. Editorially, SOURCE will not endorse any candidates for election. SOURCE will publish an election guide with editorial and advertising rules soon.

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