SLIDESHOW: Alice in Wonderland Opens Friday at Fuller Middle

FRAMINGHAM – Tonight is opening night for Fuller Middle School’s production of Alice in Wonderland.

There are three shows this weekend. Tonight at 7 and Saturday at 3 and 7. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at or at the door.

The show is a visual feast for the eyes, with its colorful costumes. The cast is headlined by Fuller Middle School students, but includes a couple dozen McCarthy Elementary students too.

The run time for the show is an hour, without intermission.

Caitlin Donoghue has the lead role of Alice.

The rest of the cast includes:

White Rabbit—Dexter Noggle

Cheshire Cat 1—Katie Noble

Cheshire Cat 2—Lyssa Siqueira

Cheshire Cat 3— Addison Jones

Caterpillar— Joseph McClennan

Dodo Bird/March Hare— Aidan Bach

Queen of Hearts/Mathilda— Emily Tiger

Mad Hatter—Mairipaz Ramos

Doorknob/King of Hearts— Matthew Schneider

Rose—Ellie Fajardo

Lily—Angelina Feudo

Violet—Abigail Fishman

Petunia— Gianna Vara

Daisy—Saemi Guzman

Tweedle Dee— Ava Celorier

Tweedle Dum— Abigail Fishman

Ensemble (Fuller) —Alina Chaparian, Clara Noggle, Caroline Beckman


Photos by Susan Petroni/Petroni Media Company for Framingham SOURCE ©2019. All Rights Reserved.

Members from the cast from McCarthy Elementary include:

Elizabeth Goncalves Oliveira
Eliyanni Ware
Alex Frumkin
Noah Arden
Isabella Silva
Jaynalisse Vazquez
Brendan Regan
Grace Arden
Savanah Taderera
Lyla Babcox
Camilly Monteiro
Julia Schneider
Kayleigh Fink
Alex Tiger
Zachary Normandin
Esther Elbl
Maiyalis ReynosoJaeden TadereraDeclan ReganJack MurphySkylar MarshallMya Flores Paez

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