UPDATED: Bundle Up At The Bus Stop Tuesday Morning

FRAMINGHAM – The temperatures at the bus stop on Tuesday morning, could feel like 25 degrees below zero.

The National Weather Service has extended its wind chill advisory until 8 a.m. on Tuesday, January 22.

UPDATE: Saint Bridget School students have another day off on Tuesday. The school’s leadership cancelled school due to the extreme temperatures.

That means the temperatures, due to the wind chill, is low enough, that it poses a threat to human health and life if adequate protection is not taken against hypothermia and frostbite.

When the temperature is gets below minus-10 degrees, frostbite can happen in about 30 minutes. Frostnip will happen first, in which your skin will become cold, numb and white, and you may feel a tingling sensation. The extremities, such as the fingers, nose, ears and toes, are most commonly affected, and should be covered.

Hypothermia can occur at any temperature, based on a person’s body fat, age, and dryness, but intensifies in extreme cold. Hypothermia is a medical condition that happens when your body temperatures drops below 95 degrees F.

Students had no school today, due to Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, but classes resume on Tuesday.

Superintendent Bob Tremblay said the schools are ready to open, despite the cold, is the district’s bus company, Durham School Services.

“Durham has been starting up the buses yesterday and today,” said Tremblay to SOURCE on Monday.

Durham is starting the buses to avoid any issues with the cold on Tuesday morning, while students are waiting at the bus stops as early as 6:30.

“Be sure to dress warmly tomorrow, especially if you’re walking to school or waiting for the school bus,” Tweeted Tremblay on Monday afternoon.

Framingham High students are the first run of the morning for Durham. Those students start their midterms on Tuesday, and are dismissed early all this week.

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