Framingham Closed Pizza Parlor For A Day After Employees Not Washing Hands and No Hot Water

FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham closed Pizza Wagon “due to the imminent health hazards present during the inspection” on October 16 in 2018.

The establishment had no hot water, and employees were observed not washing their hands, but the establishment was still operating, until City of Framingham health inspectors arrived unannounced.

Originally, health inspectors and the city’s Environmental Health Manager, visited Pizza Wagon to speak to the person in charge “about dumpster lids being left open, debris tattered around dumpsters, and to discuss a rodent complaint the Department was investigating in this area. While speaking with the (person in charge) behind the counter, multiple violations were observed, prompting an inspection,” according to the 7-page report.

The following day on October 17, the Hamilton Street establishment was allowed to re-open after another inspection.

The health departments also placed deadlines to fix issues to owner Ashish Kumar one for a hand sink to be fully operational by 5 p.m. on October 17.

Editor’s Note: The City of Framingham does not publish its health inspection on its website. SOURCE obtained through a public records request the health inspections of eating establishments for the final quarter of 2018. SOURCE is only publishing violations, which are considered “food borne illness risk factors.” SOURCE is publishing the reports as a public service.

During the October 16 inspection, city health inspectors noted the following issues:

1 “Employee observed using wire to cut a block of cheese without gloves (bare hand contact),” said the report.

The cheese block was discarded.

2. ” Employee observed placing block of cheese and cutting the block on top of freezer. Surface that the cheese was placed upon was observed peeling and not cleanable,” said the report.

Cheese block was discarded

3. “Employees were observed NOT washing their hands,” said the report.

4. “Meatballs in plastic bag observed stored on top of oven. Internal temperature of the meatball measured at 74*F. When Inspectors as the (person in charge) why the meatballs are stored this way, the (person in charge) stated that was how they thaw the frozen meatballs. In conversation with the person in charge, it was determined that the meatballs had been here for 30 minutes,” wrote the inspectors in the report. The meatballs were placed in cold holding.

5. “The only hand sink designated for both the food preparation area and ware washing area was observed not operational. In conversation with the PIC, it was determined that the employees are using bathroom sink and gloves in order to prevent contamination from hands. When the owner arrived, he informed the inspectors that the pump that delivers water to the hand sink was broken. The owner then stated the hot water heater broke two days ago and has not been operational since then,” stated the report.

6. “Through observation and conversation it was determined that the establishment had no hot water due to a broken hot water heater,” wrote the inspectors.

On October 17, inspector re-inspected Pizza Wagon and allowed it to re-open.

Inspectors wrote “The establishment owner, Ashish Kumar, had set up a temporary hand washing station including the thermal container with a spigot, paper rowels, soap, and bucket to catch the water. The Inspectors informed the owner that the establishment must dump the waste water in the mop sink. The mop sink was observed accessible for use and operational. Hot water in the establishment measured at 110*F. The hand sink pump was observed replaced. The owner poured water down the drain to demonstrate that the drain was functioning properly.”

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