3 Framingham High Seniors Receive Superintendent Academic Excellence Award

FRAMINGHAM- Three Framingham High seniors were presented with The Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Award for Academic Excellence on Monday by Framingham Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay.

This award, designed by The Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, is given to high school students who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of excellence during their high school careers.

The awards were presents to William Callahan, Libby Morningstar, and Jenna Riedl.

“Recognizing students who dedicate so much of their time to helping others and sharing this moment with their families is a highlight of my year,” said Superintendent Bob Tremblay, in a press release. “Learning about these students, their accomplishments, their interests, and their success at such young ages is extremely inspiring. I am so proud of their efforts and dedication and look forward to learning about their future endeavors.”

Some Superintendents present just one award, but Tremblay chose three students.

Profiles provided by the school district.

William Callahan: Will maintains top grades in the most challenging courses offered at FHS, but his easy demeanor and modest manner make him an approachable and friendly person. He has a deep interest and great skill in science, earning a 5 on the AP Biology exam as a junior and pursuing both AP Chemistry and Honors Physics in his senior year.  Will is an excellent tutor, with great success working with younger students in the honors biology course. As a Teaching Assistant in the honors biology course, his skill and independence have made him invaluable.

Elizabeth Morningstar: Libby is a quiet student but still a strong contributor in her classes; she is simply naturally intelligent. She takes the hardest courses our school offers and thrives. When she encounters a challenge, she works through it and does not get down on herself. Libby has no problem achieving across disciplines. She can read and write as well as she works through a difficult math problem. She particularly enjoys science courses, and is one of a handful of students to take three AP science courses at FHS. She hopes to study Physics in college. Libby does not compete with her classmates, as is prone to happen at this level of academic success. She does her own thing completely and handles the academic and social pressure with grace. She has the mind and demeanor to learn at a high level in a healthy way.

Jenna Riedl: Jenna is an intellectually curious and motivated student. She enjoys the humanities in addition to math and science courses, and she is also a talented artist. As part of her Gold Star project for the Girl Scouts, Jenna is facilitating a process to record oral histories at local nursing homes for the residents to share with their families. Wanting to increase communication between high school students and senior citizens, Jenna is bringing different generations together and supporting our larger community in a new and unique way. Not only is she inspiring conversation between two groups that rarely get to interact, but she is affecting curriculum and transferring skills to her classmates while preserving some of Framingham’s special history.

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From left – Jenna Riedl, William Callahan, and Libby Morningstar

All three students attended the Christa McAuliffe Charter School in Framingham before enrolling at Framingham High School.

Framingham High School students were joined by their proud families, Dr. Tremblay, Anne Ludes (Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education), Carrie Banach (Framingham High School Principal), and Sarah Redbord (Vice Principal of FHS, Class of 2019).

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