Sabrina Wong’s Operating Without 2019 License

FRAMINGHAM – Nobscot restaurant operated on New Year’s Day without a valid 2019 license from the City of Framingham.

As of 9:49 a.m. on January 2, Sabrina Wong III has yet to file a renewal application with the City of Framingham for its “Common Victualer” license to operate a restaurant.

State and city law requires all restaurants to have a valid common victualer license to operate and serve food.

SOURCE wrote an report on Dec. 31, that the restaurant in Nobscot plaza had not filed an application as of 11 a.m.

If and when Sabrina Wong III files a renewal application with the City of Framingham, a vote of the 5-member Framingham License Commission to approve the permit is needed before they can legally operate in the city and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The next Commission meeting is scheduled for January 7.

If a restaurant is operating without a license, it is subject to discipline by the Framingham License Commission, and possible fines.

Under Massachusetts Law, every food service establishment in the city of Framingham is required to have a Common Victualer license.

All restaurants in the City were to have filed their renewal applications in 2018. The final 2018 meeting of the Commission was on December 17.

Any applications that were received after December 12, were told that the Commission could not vote to approve until 2019.

Failure to renew the license, and continuing to operate, can results in closure of the establishment, and or fines, under state law.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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