LETTER: Voting Yes For Fuller is a Great Investment Says Barnhill, A Teacher and Mother

FRAMINGHAM – Teacher, Resident, Mother. I feel compelled to express my full support of the Fuller Middle school building project. Our teachers, students, and community need this.

Fuller was built more than 60 years ago. This building is tired. The major systems are failing. Renovation and maintenance are not going to be enough. It is overdue.

As a Framingham resident and home-owner, I know there is value having an excellent school system. What parent wouldn’t want to move somewhere with a phenomenal school system? Our property values would go up.

However, as a mom, my son’s education is one of my top priorities. I want him to be safe, able to access quality educational programs, enthusiastic to learn, and have the best teachers who love what they do. I know first-hand of the challenges to be without each and every one of these.

Fuller has a tremendous staff. Yes, they are able to deliver quality education but with significantly more challenges. I’ve been there. It’s rough.

I’ve been teaching at Natick High School for the past twelve years. The old school was very similar. The town vote was contentious but thankfully Natick took advantage of the opportunity. The building vote passed. Fast forward to now, there is no looking back. So much has improved and in all different areas. My district is even set to build another school this coming year!

On December 11, Framingham has an opportunity. We need this building to bring our city’s middle school program forward.

Please join me in voting YES for Fuller on December 11th.


Jessica Barnhill

District 8


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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