LETTER: Fuller Middle School Project Is A Necessary Investment

FRAMINGHAM – I encourage folks to head to the polls this coming Tuesday December 11th and to cast a YES vote for the vitally important Fuller Middle School project.

While serving as Chair of the School Committee in 2010, our board and administration started the process for replacing the Fuller Middle School, holding a public forum at the school and providing tours for Town Meeting Members and residents. It was obvious then and more so now that this school has reached its end of useful life.

Finance Director Doctor Ed Gotgart and Buildings and Grounds Director Matt Torti headed up the project working tirelessly to prepare the required documentation for submission to the state for grants to offset the costs to the taxpayers of Framingham.

Eight years and two failed attempts later to receive MSBA state funding, we are on the verge of breaking ground on the project. But we need your support next week.

We have approved state funding for 40% of the cost of the project, $39.5 million dollars. The town and city have set aside funds into a Capital Projects Stabilization Fund for more than 6 years now to further reduce the cost to Framingham taxpayers in this debt exclusion.

The 60-year-old Fuller Middle School is well beyond its end of life. The estimates to repair the many on-going issues with the school is $131 million, none of which would be funded by state grants.

So, the choice next Tuesday is obvious.

We can VOTE YES to support the Fuller Middle School project, accept the state grant of $39.5 million, utilize a portion of the stabilization fund to further reduce the debt exclusion amount and build a brand new state of the art middle school that will last us for 100 years or more, benefitting the educational program of Framingham’s youth for generations to come.

Or we can vote NO and walk away from the state grant of $39.5. assume the $131 million in repairs needed for this 60-year-old building on our own, and leave an inadequate educational facility for the youth of Framingham for well into the future.

I know how I am voting and I encourage residents to join me in supporting the Fuller community by voting YES on Tuesday December 11.

This project is part of the generational compact that has supported education funding for centuries. My grandparent’s generation built my schools and paid to educate their children and grandchildren. My parents carried on the tradition for their children and grandchildren. And now it is our turn to pay it forward and support the project for our kids, grandkids and future generations.

The Fuller Middle School Project is a necessary investment in the youth of Framingham for generations to come!

For more information on this project, check out the Yes for Fuller website at www.yesforfuller.com.

Mike Bower


Former School Committee member and former Selectman

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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