Framingham Elementary Principal ‘Heartbroken’ After Student Receives ‘You’re A Terrorist’ Note

FRAMINGHAM – “I am honestly heartbroken and I think my whole community is because this is not just a one and done. This is something we live every single day with every single student trying to make them feel respected and included and it’s devastating that this incident occurred,” said Framingham Elementary School Principal Liz Simon today, November 14, a day after a fifth grade girl at her school received a second hateful note within a week.

On Friday, a note was left for the girl, 10, in her cubicle area. After the long holiday weekend, a second note was left for the same Muslim girl on Tuesday.

Source was the first media outlet to publish about the hateful notes Tuesday afternoon. One of the notes said “I will kill you.” The other said “you’re a terrorist.”

Framingham Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay quickly denounced the actions, and said the school district and Framingham Police were investigating.

“I want to denounce this behavior, “said Tremblay Tuesday afternoon. “This is not acceptable in our schools. We are working to identify who left the note.”

Simon issued a memo to parents on Tuesday afternoon, also.

“This is a stressful time for our community; it is of the utmost importance that our students are, and feel, safe and respected at school. Please continue to have meaningful conversations with you children, our students, to ensure a safe, inclusive learning environment for all,” wrote Simon to Parents.

Told, in a press conference in front of the Christa McAuliffe Library, located almost across the street from the school, Simon said she told the students what the first note said – “You’re a terrorist.” She said she also discussed what hate crime is and that the note could be considered a hate crime.

Simon said the note was a “targeted hateful message.”

“We work diligently so that all children feel safe,” Simon told the media. She said the incident was “very upsetting.”

“The most important thing to me and the to the teacher, is that you feel safe and respected at Hemenway School,” said Simon Wednesday morning.

“While we are extremely disappointed in this turn of events, we remain committed to equity and justice. As we continue our investigations we will continue to use this as a teachable moment to ensure all students learn how to create and sustain a welcoming community for all. It is not lost on me the harm these letters have caused the family and the greater Muslim community. I want to reassure you the Framingham Public Schools stands with you. We will not accept hate. We will stand united against it,” said Tremblay in an email that went out to district parents Tuesday night, just after 9:30 p.m.


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