LETTER: It is Trump and the Republican Party Who Have Focused On Fear

FRAMINGHAM – I have been waiting to see if a reasonable, local Republican would respond to Sue Ianni’s outrageous op-ed piece, “The Democratic Party Has Left Mainstream Society.”

It looks like I will be waiting a long time, as no response has been posted.

As a proud Democrat and a member of mainstream society, I would like to point out three of her most dangerous, and false assertions.

One — that the Democrats in Congress have committed far more serious crimes than Trump’s “occasional, politically incorrect wisecracks.” Yet, these so-called “wisecracks” have included stating that a neo-Nazi rally including torch-bearing men shouting “Jews will not replace us,” included “good people on both sides.” This was not a wisecrack. This was a dangerous statement of support for hate and anti-Semitism.

Two — that the Democrats are fomenting fear and identity politics. Especially in this election, I see no evidence of this. The Democrats have been focused on health care, the environment, and education. It is Trump and the Republican party who have focused on fear — especially fear of immigrants. Their relentless focus on a few thousand desperate migrants slowly walking across Mexico, and the need to “keep them out” with troops, and walls, is the most basic form of identity politics — the racist and nativist kind.

Three — that somehow the Democrats have hijacked “grassroots movement like Equal Rights, Gay Rights, and ‘MeToo’ . . .  selling them out to well-funded Marxist radicals.” Who are these mysterious, well-funded Marxist radicals? What is her evidence? If she is implying that we need to get the money of corporations and “dark money” groups out of politics, I actually agree with her. We all should be working together for stricter campaign financing laws and a rollback of the ideas that “money=speech” and corporations are people. But it seems to me that the Republican party, not the Democrats, has the most to lose from campaign finance reform as they have opposed it so vehemently.

Democrats up and down the ticket are courting votes with mainstream and popular ideas — that we need funding for education and health care, that we need to protect and preserve our environment, that government has a role to play in regulating corporations when they infringe on the public good, and that all people need to be included in our democracy. What’s not mainstream about that?


Mary Memmott


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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